Media is ‘inciting mob mentality if not mob violence’ with their coverage, Trump’s adviser says

Top Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said Thursday that the media is encouraging mob violence with “disrespectful” coverage of the President and his top spokespeople.

“The coverage never changed, it never progressed, it never matured,” Conway, who serves as counselor to the President, told radio host Sean Hannity. “It never took on the aura of respect that it deserved, and if you are not showing the President and his main spokespeople respect, then you’re not showing the office respect, and you are inciting mob mentality if not mob violence. You are encouraging people to go out there and unpeacefully protest and block airport entrances for people who are going to visit a sick parent and can’t make their flight, or are going for a bereavement call and can’t make their flight.”

“There’s nothing peaceful and nothing Democratic about folks who are out there just trying to re-litigate the election and protesting things they know nothing about,” Conway continued. “If you surveyed these protesters, I guarantee you, you’d have a very low level of literacy when it comes to ‘why are you here, what does that executive order do and what does it not do?'”


Kellyanne Conway

Earlier, the President’s top adviser said she didn’t see a difference between coverage of Trump during the campaign and the coverage of him as president.

“I only care, Sean, if people are being disrespectful to the President of the United States. That is unacceptable. I was raised to respect the Office of the President and its current occupant no matter who it’s been, and I just think you can’t really show a difference in the coverage of Donald Trump among some of these outlets and some of these reporters and tweeters, between when he was running for president, when he became the nominee for the Republicans, when he was the president-elect, and now when he’s President.”


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