MTN Nigeria, Miyetti Allah, launch Cattle Identification Management System

MTN Nigeria in collaboration with the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association (MACBAN) and Sponge Analytic has launched an Animal Identification Management Solution with a view to tracing missing animal.

This is to tackle the increasing rate of cattle theft and rustling across the country.

Speaking at the launch and sensitisation summit in Kaduna on Sunday, the representative of Sponge Analytic, Ibrahim Maigard explained that with a small micro chip which is not more than a grain of rice inserted into an animal by an experienced veterinary doctor, an animal can be traced and monitored for diseases.

He noted that the chip that costs N2,000 per animal is applied once and is not rechargeable.

The National Secretaty, MACBAN, Baba Usman described the initiative as a welcome development.

He said “This initiative will also helping in improving the quality of our meat because very soon, we will reach the world standard of meat and Nigeria will begin to export outside the country. ”

Commenting on the clash between farmers and pastoralists, he said, “There is a communication gap between farmers and pastoralists which has continued to fuel the crises. We are trying to bridge the gap through advocacy with a view to reaching a logical conclusion and ending the long clashes. ”

He said the security agencies and the media have a major role to play in order to bring the crises to an end saying “The Fulaniman is at the receiving end of the menace of cattle rustling and banditry.”

While noting that the Fulani is forced to move into the hinter land in search of food and water due to the neglected nature of the grazing reserve, he called on the government to demarcate cattle routes and develop grazing reserves.



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