Father, brothers, pluck out man’s eyes over marriage proposal

Abdul Baqi, from Nasirabad village in Pakistan’s Balochistan province, asked his family to take an engagement proposal to his girlfriend, but the news did not go down well with his father and brothers.

His 70-year-old father Dost Muhammmad and four brothers – Abdul Ghani, Abdul Sattar, Abdul Rehman and Abdul Karim – held him in a room and gouged out his eyes while his mother was locked in another room so that she could not intervene and save her son.

Baqi, who is currently admitted in Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre in Karachi, narrated his ordeal, saying: “I requested my father and brothers that I want to marry a girl I have been in relationship with.

“My father agreed first. But, three hours later I was taken to a room by my father and four brothers where they tied me to a bed and started taking out my eyes.

“I kept shouting at them what were they doing? But they didn’t listen to my pleas.

“My father used the back of a spoon to take out my first eye. I saw my eye dangling out of the socket. He then use a knife to cut out the vein.

“When they removed my first eye, I requested them to leave me now. But they didn’t listen to me at all and removed the other one as well.

“After they finished, I pleaded to them to please kill me now but they replied they want me be an example for other boys in the village.”

Abdul Baqi was rushed to a government-run hospital in Quetta by his other siblings, who were informed by neighbours about the incident.

From Quetta, he was immediately referred to Karachi’s Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre, where doctors confirmed Baqi would not be able to see again.

Sick bed

His brother Abdul Gaffar, 24, who is with Baqi in the hospital, said: “I was not at home when the incident happened. I received a call from my neighbour that something is wrong at your home.

“I immediately rushed home and I was shocked to see my brother crying in pain.

“We had no money at home. Some friends and neighbours helped us with Rs 35000.

“We took him to a hospital in Quetta where doctors told us that if we immediately take him to Karachi, may be his one eye can be saved. But doctors at Jinnah Hospital in Karachi told us he won’t be able to see again.”

The incident has been reported to the police,the father and two other siblings have been arrested while the other two are on the run .

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