IITA holds training on Novel Techniques for Weed Management in Cassava Farming Systems (HOW TO APPLY)

The International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) has announced plans to hold a training on innovative technologies for weed management in cassava.

The research institute said in a statement that the training programme, which will take place on July 2 – 3, 2018 in IITA Ibadan, is part of efforts to share to a wider audience proven research findings generated from the IITA- Cassava Weed Management Project that have helped farmers to record 20 -32 tons per hectare of cassava.

The training is titled, “Novel techniques for Weed Management in Cassava Farming Systems”.

Specific objectives of the training titled, “Novel techniques for Weed Management in Cassava Farming Systems”, are to:

1. Teach participants how to carry out good land preparation and control weeds.

2. Build the capacity of participants to be able to understand what to look out for when selecting a site for cassava cultivation?

3. Identify the different types of herbicides and how they work.

4. Demonstrate the steps involved in calibration. How to determine the dosage of herbicides for application.

5. Create awareness on the importance of safe use of herbicides.

6. Teach participants the business side of weed management in cassava.

The training course comprises four modules covering land preparation and best bet agronomic practices in cassava, herbicides use and safety, calibration, and the business side of weed management.

The training course is designed for heads of departments, extension agents, agricultural officers, heads of crop protection, extension advisory service providers, farm managers, and spray service providers. There will be both theoretical and practical sessions. It is expected that the interested organisations will nominate participants in their organisations.

The training is at a fee covering accommodation, tuition, training materials, certificate of completion, breakfast, refreshments and lunch.

Participants will be given a tour of IITA—the centre of agriculture innovation in Africa—to see other innovations that might be of interest to them.

According to the organisers, the training has limited spaces, interested participants are therefore urged to apply by contacting Ezinne Ibe on: or 08032017913 or contact Godwin Atser, on, for more information.

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