New mayor of German town gets punched in the face while celebrating victory

After knocking out the incumbent and long-time mayor of Freiburg in south-west Germany in a surprise election victory, Martin Horn, also had his own tooth knocked out by an angry man from another camp

Mr Horn, a 33-year-old independent candidate, was celebrating his victory when a 54-year-old man punched him in the face, breaking his nose and knocking off a tooth.

He had to be treated in hospital. The attacker was arrested and reports say he has a background of psychiatric illness.

A university town, Freiburg has one of Germany’s youngest populations and Mr Horn campaigned on a platform of affordable housing to keep pace with growth.

BBC News reports that Horn had just given a round of interviews after his election win and was celebrating with 300 supporters when he was approached by a man apparently seeking a selfie.

“Suddenly there was disturbance. The guy struck Martin Horn in the face,” local centre-left politician Julien Bender told German media.

Horn later went on Facebook to reassure his supporters.

“I have a broken nose, two small stitches and a broken tooth,” he said before returning to the party to enjoy his victory.

Defeated Green candidate Dieter Salomon was mayor of Freiburg for 16 years. Expressing shock at he attack, he wished his political rival a speedy recovery.

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