#OtodoGbame: Women, children, sleep on boats in Lagos after govt demolished their community

Last night, residents, including women and children, of Otodo Gbame, a riverine community in Lagos, slept on boats on the rivers, in the cold.

The community was invaded and demolished by the state government on Sunday morning.

The givernment has justified its action, saying that it was taken in te interest of Lagosians.

In a tweet @LAGOSGMT1, the government said militants had turned the community to their operational base.

It said, “The demolition of #OtodoGbame was carried out as a security measure in the overall interest of all Lagosians.

“Intelligence report has revealed that militants are using the illegal #OtodoGbame settlement as a base.

“Credible intelligence gathering shows that militants are living amongst the people in #OtodoGbame and are perfecting plans to attack Lekki and VI.

“LASG places a high premium on security and will not abdicate in its duty to protect the lives and property of all residents. #OtodoGbame.

“The killing of security agents in the Ishawo area of Lagos by militants further strengthens the resolve of government to clear the #OtodoGbame.

“The Lagos State government in collaboration with security agencies will stop at nothing to secure the State. #OtodoGbame.

“The government will not succumb to emotional blackmail and will stand by this decision because it is in the best interest of all residents #OtodoGbame.

The settlement in Otodo Gbame is illegal, without any title or appropriate government approval. #OtodoGbame.

“We are willing to take unpopular decisions that will protect lives and property. The #OtodoGbame situation is one of such.”

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