Robbers pick women up at UNILAG, rob them of cash, ATM details, drop them off at Berger

Some armed robbers reportedly picked up two women at the gate of University of Lagos, robbed them of their belongings as well as their ATM details before dropping them off at Berger bus stop.

A Twitter user, @elixirbethan, narrated how the incident occurred. She said the robbers came in a bus disguised as a commercial bus heading to Obalende.

Below is the statement obtained from her tweet, edited for style and clarity:

“Two ladies boarded a bus from Unilag gate at 6:10am to Obalende yesterday morning. The bus had two females and five males already before they entered. To their surprise, they were robbers. The two ladies were asked to sit on the floor in the bus and not look up.

“The ladies found themselves at begger. The bus robbers threatened them with rape and battered their faces, collected their mobile phones and asked for their ATM card pins. All their monies were transferred till the last kobo, using bank instant codes.

“We must be careful and alert. Unilag and Yaba axis are becoming notorious for bus pickup robbery. Those going to work early should be on the alert”.

The narrator also wondered if banks could do something about How can the #banks also help with “this online pin code theft &fund transfers at gun point”.

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