Why UI fees increase is inevitable – VC

The increase in tuition and accommodation fees for medical students of the university of Ibadan is inevitable, the Vice Chancellor, Prof. Idowu Olayinka has said.

At a meeting which involved parents and the management of the university on Tuesday, the VC said the realities on ground pointed to the need to hike fees.

Majority of parents said they are not objecting to an increment due to the current economic realities, the proposal by the institution is unacceptable.

The university had increased accommodation fees from N14,000 to N30,000 for students on campus and N40,000 for medical students residing in Alexander Brown Hall.

The VC said there were only 8,222 bed spaces available for the 27,000 student population.

“Accommodation is provided for freshers and final year students only. By implication, the university is not obligated to provide accommodation for 200 level and 300 level students, except where there are few spaces left to accommodate students on clinical, and special needs grounds,” he said.

“There has been a 122.5 percent increase in tariff over the past six years. Whenever there is power outage from the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Company, power is generated from our diesel power generators. On the average, we spend N10m to purchase diesel and engine oil per month.

“The university has been subsidising the utility bills for electricity, water, general and environmental cleaning from other sources which, unfortunately, are no longer in existence.”

He also explained that medical students were asked to pay N40,000 because the duration of their session was 12 months while other students spend nine months for a session.

Olayinka also said the newly-introduced N100,000 laboratory and professional fees were unavoidable because of the university’s quest to produce quality graduates.


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