3 Chinese women who went for plastic surgery in South Korea held at airport as they looked different from passport photos

Three unidentified Chinese women who went to undergo plastic surgery in South Korea were allegedly stopped from flying home because they now looked different from their passport pictures.

The stranded women were pictured with swollen faces and bandages around their head after undergoing the surgery.

Jian Huahua, a Chinese news anchor who shared photos of the women on Sunday, saying they were taken at an airport in South Korea. He deleted the post but it had already gone viral.

Plastic surgery

‘The Beijing Things Beijingers Don’t Know’, who re-shared the photo on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent to Twitter, claimed the three women who were among Chinese tourists who had gone to South Korea for plastic surgery during the eight-day national holiday, were prevented from leaving the airport and waited for their identities to be confirmed.

It is however unclear if and how they were eventually cleared.


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