BIZARRE! Man fakes own death to propose to girlfriend (VIDEO)

A young man faked his own death in a motorcycle accident before proposing to his traumatised girlfriend.

The stunt was captured on camera by the couple’s friend on September 30 in South Cotabato in the Philippines.

The young man, Jeffrey Delrio, lay down on the road while a traffic officer who was part of the elaborate proposal tells his girlfriend Shiela Parayanon to prepare for the worst.

As he lies “lifeless” on the ground next to his motorcycle, his girlfriend rushes to his side and breaks down in tears.

Few minutes after playing dead, the man suddenly gets on his knee with the help of the cops and pulls out the engagement ring from his pocket.

Sheila was shocked by the outcome as she turns to a female officer and hugs her while crying.

She later gave her boyfriend a playful slap on his arm before accepting his proposal.

The couple’s friend Mark Apura, who captured the stunt on camera, described the proposal as romantic.

He said:”It was unusual, people keep thinking of strange ways to make marriage proposals. Jeffrey looked like he was very badly injured but then came alive when his girlfriend was there.”

“I am happy to help spread the love.” Mr Apura said.

However, not everyone was impressed with the stunt. While some people said the stunt was endearing, others said they will be angry if their partner tried such with them.

A woman said she will dump the partner right there, if he tried such strange thing with her.

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